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Gestion Plastic Management

Located in the province of Quebec in Laval industrial park. Plastic Management is a major recycler of plastic material in Canada since 1999.

Our market consist mostly of PVC material post-commercial and industrial in any shape or form. Finish products in regrind form are sold in Canada and United States.

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Material Purchase

We are looking for PVC grade material in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible forms.

We pick-up at your convenience products such as:

  • Windows and doors profiles
  • Siding material
  • Pipes any size
  • Edge banding
  • Bottle grade, blister pack other profile from extrusion or injection processes.

Gestion Plastic Management Mission

Plastic Management is committed to product quality supporting successfully its clients and suppliers in the transformation and distribution of plastic material.

Material for Sale

Available in regrind form as per specifications in white and mix - color. The quality of our products are guaranteed and well supported by our quality control team that meets most stringent standards.

Plastic PVC